Why Is My Second Floor So Hot?

Summer is nearly here – was the second floor of your Northwoods home unbearably hot last year?

KV Tech Construction has the answer to keeping your upstairs nice and cool this year.

A home with inconsistent temperature issues is often lacking in two areas: Insulation, and air sealing.

Proper insulation keeps the heat enduring the winter, but it also keeps heat out of the home in the summer.

Upgrading the insulation in key areas can keep your second floor cool, like in the
– Attic
– Exterior walls
– Crawlspace or basement

Small leaks and cracks hidden in your home construction can also allow hot air into your living space.

These leaks are often found around plumbing, electrical fixtures, windows and doors, and more.

Air sealing those leaks creates a near air-tight barrier, maximizing the cooling power of your air conditioner and increasing your indoor air quality.

Want to diagnose your hot second floor issues before summer arrives?

Schedule an energy audit with KV Tech Construction to start your home improvement project.

Tired of dealing with a stuffy second floor over the summer?

We can help you keep your cool.

(715) 765-4483

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