What is an energy audit?

What is an energy audit, and how can your Northwoods home benefit from one?”

A home energy audit from KV Tech Construction is a detailed evaluation of how your home is performing.

Depending on your specific goals, you can use what you learn from an energy audit to:

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Improve indoor comfort all year
  • Increase your home’s resale value
  • Improve your indoor air quality

KV Tech energy audits include several diagnostic tests.

We test the overall air-tightness of your home with a blower door test

Then infrared camera imaging pinpoints the location of air leaks, or weak insulation.

A combustion safety check and an air flow meter will ensure your equipment is operating properly

Once your energy audit is complete you will receive your results, which include a list if recommended upgrades. 

9. Which can include ways you can save, through Instant Energy Efficiency Improvement Rebates

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