The Focus on Energy Rebate Program

Energy efficiency is the future of living in Wisconsin — and the Focus on Energy program is here to help homeowners make the upgrades they need to use less energy in their homes! Focus on Energy works with over 107 WI utilities and other “trade allies” like KV Tech Construction to provide insulation rebates, air sealing rebates, and more to homeowners in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and all over the state.

Wisconsin Focus on Energy Rebates

Using less energy and reducing your carbon footprint may be the right thing to do — but it should also be affordable! That’s why Focus on Energy rebates can cover many aspects of your home improvement project. 

Smart Thermostats

Looking to upgrade to the versatile controls, adaptive energy savings, and easy use of a smart thermostat? You can get a $50 rebate toward the cost of your smart thermostat.


The insulation in your home is an integral part of its overall efficiency. Depending on your insulation needs, Focus on Energy offers anywhere from $50 all the way up to $1,100 (depending on which tier you qualify for) in rebates for attic insulation, foundation insulation, and wall insulation, as well as duct sealing and insulation. 

Air Sealing

If insulation is like Batman, air sealing is like Robin. Sealing up the air leaks in your home will keep your indoor air quality at higher levels, and prevent energy loss through the tiny air holes, cracks, and gaps throughout your home. Depending on the tier, you can receive $600 to $900 for an ENERGY STAR qualified air sealing service. 

2020 Incentives for Insulation and Air Sealing

Effective April 1, 2020. Incentives are subject to change.

Single Family Home Insulation and Air SealingTier 1 IncentiveTier 2 Incentive
ENERGYSTAR Qualified Air Sealing$500$800
Attic Insulation$400$500
Foundation Insulation$100$150
Wall Insulation$300$300
Duct Sealing & Insulation$50$50
Mulitfamily Home Insulation and Air SealingIncentive
Air Sealing$0.20 per sq. ft. of conditioned space
Attic Insulation, < Existing R-11$0.50 per sq. ft. of attic space
Attic Insulation, Existing R-12 to R-19$0.20 per sq. ft. of attic space
Wall Insulation$0.80 per sq. ft. of wall area

How to Qualify for Focus on Energy Incentives

In order to qualify for the higher rebates and incentives of Tier 2, you will need to fill out this  2020 Income Eligibility Application. Qualification is based on the state median income by household size. If you qualify for tier 2, you can enjoy higher savings on your insulation, air sealing, and heating and cooling costs and upgrades, and other efficiency improvements, too!

Get Started with an Energy Audit!

By starting with an energy audit, you can know exactly which home improvements will have the greatest impact on reducing your energy use, so you can choose your home performance upgrades with confidence. If you live in Ashland, Hayward, Spooner, Iron River, Cable, Bayfield, La Pointe, or Washburn, WI, KV Tech Construction is here to help you save energy, and save money with the Focus on Energy program!

Want to save money on the upgrades it takes to save on your energy costs each month? Ask KV Tech Construction about Focus on Energy rebates! Call us at (715) 765-4483 or contact us today.