Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation in a completed space

Spray foam insulation is a great choice for many Ashland, WI area homeowners for several reasons. Spray foam insulation in the winter protects your home from heat loss, and in the summer it prevents the hot summer temperatures from infiltrating your home.  Plus, the expanding quality of spray foam in existing walls, attics, and crawl spaces can increase your indoor air quality, help prevent ice dams, and further decrease your heating and cooling costs. 


If you own a home here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and are looking for the best closed cell spray foam insulation contractors around to help you stabilize your indoor temperatures and reduce your energy costs, you’ve come to the right place. Our full-service insulation services here at KV Tech Construction include finding the right spray foam insulation R-value for your home and installing it in exactly the right places to maximize your home comfort. Here’s what you should know:


Different Types of Spray Foam Insulation


Choosing the right spray foam insulation in Wisconsin is key to lasting comfort and energy savings. KV Tech Construction uses Demilec® spray foam insulation in both open- and closed-cell forms. Both offer excellent insulation and air sealing qualities, but are used in different applications. As with any specialized product, it’s important to ensure the installation is completed by trained and certified professionals.


Closed-cell spray foam insulation


  • Best used for exterior walls, basements, and crawl space sealing
  • Higher R-value (thermal resistance) per inch makes it easier to meet high R-value requirements in narrow spaces
  • Lower vapor permeance to stop moisture and humidity infiltration
  • Impervious to floodwaters
  • Can be applied during any season
  • Improves structural integrity of walls
  • Has higher adhesion to surfaces


Open-cell spray foam insulation


  • The ideal spray foam insulation for finished walls, ceilings, and attics 
  • Less expensive to install than closed cell
  • R-values are more versatile and can achieve more specific needs
  • Can achieve greater R-value if not restricted by space
  • Water-resistant


For Energy Savings (and Installation Savings), Rely on Expert Spray Foam Installers


Spray foam installation requires specialized training for effective installation. Because spray foam is difficult to remove once it hardens, it’s important to have the right training. Plus, to make sure your spray foam insulation costs are no higher than they need to be, calculating the required R-value should be carefully considered before installation begins.


KV Tech Construction has certified and trained Demilec® installers on our insulation team. They’ll ensure that your spray foam insulation is applied evenly to meet the specified R-value, so your new insulation performs the way it should, by slowing the transfer of heat between your home and the outdoors while stopping air leakage in its tracks.



    A wooden hole surrounded by spray foam insulation
    Spray foam insulation finished in a crawlspace
    Lights shining on completed spray foam insulation job

    Qualify for Energy Efficiency Rebates

    Are you mostly concerned with how much spray foam insulation costs? As a Trade Ally for Focus on Energy, KV Tech Construction can identify possible instant rebates for improving your home’s energy efficiency with insulation. Additionally, if you’re an Xcel Energy customer for electricity or natural gas, you may qualify for a matching rebate equal to 80% of any Focus on Energy rebate your insulation upgrade qualifies for. These great rebates are why improving your home’s comfort is really an easy decision to make!

    So if you are looking for a spray foam contractor near you or an installer of spray foam insulation in Northern Wisconsin, look no further than KV Tech Construction. We have the knowledge and expertise to pair you with the perfect spray foam insulation for existing walls, your attic, your crawlspace, and just about anything else related to your home comfort. 


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