How Basement Excavation Works

How Basement Excavation Works Infographic


Excavating a basement for your Northwoods home can be a daunting project to tackle. With KV Tech Construction, you can rest easy knowing we have the basement excavation process down to an exact science, taking the stress out of your construction or remodel project. Here is how basement excavation with KV Tech Construction works:


Step 1: Dig Out The Basement

We use an excavator to accurately and quickly dig out the earth surrounding your new basement.


Step 2: Install Drainage Tile

Drainage tile ensures and moisture in your basement has a path out of your living space.


Step 3: Insulate and Waterproof the Basement Walls

Insulation will not only keep your basement more comfortable, it keeps the temperatures throughout your home more stable!


Step 4: Backfill With the Correct Materials

Depending on the soil and drainage needs of your home, we will install the right combination of sand, gravel, and other materials surrounding your basement for proper drainage.


Laying a Foundation of Comfort In The Northwoods

KV Tech Construction knows how to build homes that are designed for comfort and efficiency throughout the harsh winters. We know it starts from the ground up! Get in touch with KV Tech Construction today to discuss your basement excavation needs. 

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