Equipment Rental

Do you have a construction or excavating job to do, but are simply missing that essential piece of equipment? KV Tech Construction is the right place to access these specific pieces of equipment!

Rent for the day or a week—we can schedule equipment delivery to suit your timeline. If you don’t see it here, give us a call and we can help you determine which piece of equipment is the right fit for you. Let our roster of well-maintained and ready-to-go equipment help you reach completion of virtually every job.




 Excavation Equipment Rental Pricing List


 Kubota mini excavator, rental $60 per hour or $275.00 per day minimum,  

  • 60″ ditching bucket
  • 16″ trenching bucket 

200 Excavator, $110 per hour or $440 per day minimum

  • 72″ ditching bucket 

D61 Dozer, $110 per hour or $440 per day minimum. 

CAT 262B Skid Steer Loader, rental $50.00 per hour or $250.00 per day minimum 

 Skid Steer Attachments include:  

  • Brush mower $245.00 per day, $857 per week
  • Brush Grapple Bucket $150 per day, $450 per week
  • Concrete Breaker(hydraulic jackhammer) $150 per day, $450 per week
  • Jib for Setting Trusses $50 per day
  • Roller compactor $150 per day
  • Rock sorting bucket $50 per day, $150 per week
  • Root grappel $125 per day, $400 per week
  • 72″ Skidsteer sweeper $125 per day, $400 per week
  • 72″ Rock screening bucket $50 per day, $150 week
  • Stump grinder $200 per day, $600 per week
  • Tracks $5.00 per hour (added to the base hourly charge if the tracks are on the machine)  

 JLG 60′ Basket Lift, 4-wheel drive, $350 per day, $850 per week 

 SkyJack Vertical boom lift 12‘ $95 per day, $333 per week.  

 Cat 928 Loader, $65.00 per hour, $450 daily minimum  

 Dump trailer 6x12 $90 per day 

 Dump trailer 8x12 $150 per day 

 Wood chipper truck $300 per day, $950 per week 

 2″ sleg pump $30 per day, $105 per week  

  • 25′ suction hose $5.50 day, $11 week
  • 50′ discharge hose $5.50 day, $11 week 50′ suction hose $11 day, $22 week. 

 Versa Vac Insulation Vacuum, $200 per day 

  • Vacuum bags, $30.00 per bag  

 24′ Conveyor, $100 per day  

 12′ Conveyor, $85 per day 




Need to rent an extra dozer or lift? Contact us or call (715) 765-4483 to schedule delivery to your site.


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My hats off to KV-Tech. Exceptional documentation, far exceeding the SOW (scope of work) requirements. They made tremendous improvements again far exceeding our SOW requirements.

  Rick, United States Forest Service

Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, Ashland, WI