Energy Audits

, Energy Audits

High energy bills and decreased comfort are the two top reasons homeowners contact us for energy audits for their northern Wisconsin homes. Whether your home is older or more recently built, we can help you identify improvements for energy savings and improved home health. Plus, there are excellent instant rebate programs that can offset the cost of upgrading insulation, windows and air sealing. As a Focus on Energy Trade Ally, we can take care of the work and the paperwork for instant, valuable rebates.

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Energy Auditor

Our trained and certified technicians use scientific analysis and specialized tools to measure your home’s energy efficiency and safety. The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is the nation’s premier standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy auditing and upgrade work. Our energy audit technician is BPI certified in two specializations:

  • Building Analyst to understand the home’s systems, including HVAC, ventilation, and insulation, and how they work together.
  • Envelope Professional focuses on the exterior of the home to ensure the highest energy efficiency.

Energy Audits to Pinpoint Efficiency Upgrades

Our energy audit includes an array of tests and analyses to identify areas where your home could perform more efficiently and safely. After a visual inspection from roof to foundation, we’ll set up our equipment to begin the testing. Some of the energy audit tests we will perform include:

  • Blower Door Test — This powerful fan is fitted temporarily in an exterior doorway. When activated, the fan creates a negative pressure inside the building to measure air leakage.
  • Infrared Camera Imaging — This allows us to “see” through walls and ceilings during blower door operation. The temperature differences show in bright colors where outside air is seeping in, and where insulation is missing or inadequate.
  • Safety Check — We’ll check for gas leakage and analyze your combustion appliances to measure and ensure that dangerous carbon monoxide fumes are not escaping into your living areas.
  • Air Flow Meter — This device measures ventilation and air flow in bath and kitchen fans to ensure a healthy exchange for improved indoor air quality.

Once the data is collected, we provide a complete report along with recommendations for ways to improve your home’s performance.

, Energy Audits
, Energy Audits
, Energy Audits

Instant Energy Efficiency Improvement Rebates

Our customers have access to tremendous energy efficiency rebates. As a Trade Ally for the Focus On Energy Whole Home Program, we can assist qualified homeowners to receive as much as $2,000 in instant rebates for improvements to insulation, air sealing, and appliances. In the Ashland, WI area, gas or electricity customers of Xcel Energy can also qualify for an 80% matching grant for energy efficiency improvements. For example, if your energy upgrades qualified for a $2,000 instant rebate through Focus on Energy, Xcel Energy’s program would add another $1,600 in rebates for the project. Don’t worry about the paperwork; we’ll take care of it all!

Is your home uncomfortable and expensive to heat? Call (715) 765-4483 or contact us for an energy audit & start saving energy.

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