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Air sealing door and cutting off excess insulation

The lakes, mountains, and rivers of Wisconsin’s great outdoors are some of the things that make our state so great. But that doesn’t mean you want all of the unconditioned outdoor air to leak into your home! And though it may go without saying, you definitely don’t want the conditioned air of your heating and cooling system to leak out of your home, either.

Did you know that air leakage can account for up to 50% of the energy loss in a home? With how extreme the weather can be here in the North Woods, sealing up the air leaks, holes, cracks, and gaps is essential to increasing your indoor comfort and reducing your year-round energy bills.

Why You Should Air Seal Your Northwoods Home

One basic tenant of building science is that heat will always want to move toward colder air. Here in the North Woods of Ashland, Hayward, Spooner, Iron River, Cable, Bayfield, La Pointe, and Washburn, this becomes particularly relevant during the peak of a humid summer, and the throes of another white winter.

Here are just a few of the reasons air sealing is an important home improvement to consider when you are trying to improve your overall home performance:

  • Increased stability for indoor temperatures
  • Reduced wear & tear on heating & cooling equipment
  • Lower year-round heating & cooling costs
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Fewer indoor drafts

Potent Pairing: Air Sealing & Insulation

In our 25 years as the trusted insulation, new home and existing home construction contractor for Northern Wisconsin, we have helped countless homeowners remove and replace the deteriorated insulation in their walls, attic, and crawlspace. But re-insulating a home will only go so far without professional air sealing.

Insulation’s role in a home’s performance is to slow down the transfer of heat through the materials that make up your walls, ceiling, and floors. But if there are air holes present in your home, they will undermine the effectiveness of any insulation. Paring insulation and air sealing together will increase the effectiveness of both!

The KV Tech Air Sealing Process

The first step in sealing up a home is to locate any and all existing leaks. We do this using two diagnostic tests that we also use in our home energy audit: a blower door test and infrared camera imaging. Then we seal all of the holes and gaps for a whole-house air sealing solution. The holes we find may be tiny, but increasing your home performance is a game of inches, and every little bit matters!

If you are considering air sealing your home and are wondering, “Is air sealing worth it?”, our team will make sure all of your questions are answered. You deserve to feel in control of your own home comfort, so trust family-owned KV Tech Construction with your air sealing or weatherization project — we will make sure the cost to air seal your house is well worth it!

Looking to increase your home energy efficiency by reducing air leakage? KV Tech Construction has your North Woods weatherization needs covered. Schedule your air sealing service by calling 715-765-4483 or get in touch here.

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I went to pay my Propane bill, turns out I had a credit, not a bill. Having you do my weatherization paid off, that and the mild Winter. Thanks again! Happy Customer!!!! Troy P.