Sand and Gravel Pit

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Our family has owned our sand and gravel pit for many years. Over time, we’ve developed a team of drivers and dump trucks to expand our aggregate offerings for nearby homeowners, contractors and landscape professionals.

Sand & Gravel Products Delivered or Loaded in Your Truck

All our aggregates are available for delivery using our fleet of dump trucks. Or give us a call to have your gravel or sand order loaded into your own truck during business hours.

  • State-Certified Mound System Sand

Screened and cleaned, this sand is certified by the state for use in mound septic systems.

  • Fill Sand, Clay and Topsoil to Complete Grading

These common finishing aggregates are available at several pricing options, including fill sand and fill dirt.

  • Gravel for Driveways

We supply a large variety of gravel, with a distinctive multicolor, blue and red granite mix. Options include:  

  • ¼ inch washed pea rock
  • ½ inch pea rock
  • ¾-inch crushed rock, washed
  • Rock for Multiple Applications

This versatile, natural looking stone is available in four sizing options:

  • ¾-inch round rock, washed
  • 1-½ inch round rock
  • 2 -inch to 4-inch round rock
  • 2-inch to 6-inch round rock, washed
  • Larger sizes and special decorative rocks are also available.
  • Rip-Rap for Road Construction & Drainage Applications

Rip-rap grade rock in sizing from 12-inch to 36-inch and larger provides stability for graded banks and a solid base for roads.

Our sand and gravel pit is open to the public:
If you need to pick up your own material give us a call and we can load your truck or trailer for you. We can even print a ticket for each load right from the cab.

Need it delivered? Give us a call: 715-765-4483

* Prices are subject to change.
Please call 715-765-4483 or 715-413-0114 and ask for Eric, to verify availability and pricing

Office and Pit Hours: Monday – Friday   7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Thanksgiving thru Spring you will need to call for pit availability)

Need sand or gravel for your next project?

We can help!  

(715) 765-4483

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I am so totally IMPRESSED!!!  I commend you and your work crew for doing an awesome job. Danny and Chad were so considerate and respectful to me and my home. My house and yard look like they were never there. Thank you…. and please thank your crew! They are awesome!

Molly A.

LaPointe, WI


I was at my house this past weekend I am more than pleased with the work done by Don and his team!


Allen, Marketing Manager

Engineered Products Company, Minnetonka

We carry a large variety of gravel and rock:

1/4″ Pea Rock Washed

1/2″ Pea Rock

3/4″ Crushed Rock Washed

3/4″ Round Rock Washed

1-1/2″ Round Rock

2″-4″ Round Rock

2″-6″ Round Rock Washed

Large Riprap 36″ and larger

12″ – 36″ Riprap

Special Rock

Special Rock

2016 Aggregate Hauling Price Chart